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Dekton XGloss, an innovative line of ultra-compact surfaces

15 March of 2016

This new series of Dekton ®, achieved through an advanced nano technology and treatment of a mechanical polishing process, offers extraordinary brightness, stunning, bright and crystal clear that, combined with the extremely high levels of hardness and resistance characteristic of ultra compact surface of Cosentino, guarantees a performance is exceptionally located.

To achieve this amazing result, the r & D department the Cosentino Group has developed during almost two years, a pioneering and unique treatment based on nanotechnology called "Nanocoating Process". This technology ensures the Dekton ® XGloss, not just a glow, but a set of water repellents properties that enable extraordinary resistance to stains, without change the other properties of the material.

Dekton® XGloss maintains the versatility and the infinite possibilities of application of Dekton ®, thanks to its known technical properties: resistance to ultraviolet rays, the risks and large temperature differences, among others. Dekton ® is the perfect choice for both exterior and interior applications, and can be applied in both decks as in coatings, facades and all kinds of staircases. All these features, the large size of the plates of Dekton ®, offer infinite possibilities of application, both for designers and for architects.