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Dekton by Cosentino présente cinq nouvelles couleurs

1 Octobre 2014

Dekton® by Cosentino, the new ultra-compact surface of the Cosentino Group destined for the world of architecture and design, launches five colors which offer an appreciation of beauty and purity than natural stone offers.

This new line exalts the unique aesthetic that nature is offering us millions of years ago, with the presentation of standards that refer to noble natural materials. Are colors that stand out for their delicate harmony.

These five new shades called Aura, Edora, Irok, Kairos and Vegha were incorporated into the initial palette of launching Dekton® by Cosentino in 2013. Due to its natural references, the new colors are part of the Natural Collection. From now on, Dekton® has 15 models divided into 3 lines: Solid Collection, Natural Collection y Tech Collection.

Aura: a new design concept with personality

Aura color, within this new collection stands out in a particular way by proposing a new concept of attractive design. With Aura, the Dekton develops from a single drawing, an endless symmetrical pattern. Thanks to eight unique designs, you can create compositions where the shaft has continuity between a plate and another, reaching a mirror effect called "book-match." Thus, this Aura provides continuity in vertical and horizontal directions, setting the drawing that consumers prefer. As for tone, white background Aura receives the shafts that evoke natural rock formations.


Edora: softness and elegance

Edora presents an even tone with soft wavy textures, offering a minimalist and natural concept. The light gray gives timeless beauty and that meets the design trends.


Irok: the beauty unchangeable

A soft effect of shadows gives Irok its unique appearance. Within the gamut of finishes in cream color, the faded texture evokes the appearance of limestone.


Kairos: the attractive light

Kairos proposes a finish defined by a white with subtle veining in shades of gray. These delicate veins harmonize with any design style due to its timeless beauty.


Vegha: Powerful intensity

Vegha displays a dark shade of gray with strong density, which provides cozy feeling. Inspired by the natural formations of limestone and sandstone, Vegha has contemporary personality, adapting to the most modern and avant-garde projects.

The ultra-compact surface Dekton® by Cosentino is an innovative new category of surfaces that is born in order to be a leader in the world of architecture and design, both in internal and external spaces. The result of an investment of EUR 128 million and 22,000 hours of research and development, Dekton® becomes the perfect ally to designers and architects from around the world.

The super Dekton® surface is a sophisticated blend of techniques used in glass making, state-of porcelain and quartz surfaces. Dekton® has large format (320 cm x 144 cm) and minimum thickness (0.8 cm, 1.2 cm and 2 cm), and has superior technical properties:

High mechanical strength
Good resistance to fire and heat
High scratch resistance
High resistance to ultraviolet rays
High resistance to hydrolysis
Low water absorption
Excellent color stability
Excellent dimensional stability
High abrasion resistance
High resistance to stains
Resistance to freezing and thawing
All these unique features of Dekton are a reality thanks to technology that is used in the production, which was developed exclusively by the R & D department of the Cosentino Group. Dekton® is manufactured with the sintering technology particles (TSP) comprising ultracompactação an innovative process, which contributes significantly to Dekton is a totally revolutionary product, low maintenance, long life and the possibility of multiple applications.


NEW SURFACES by GRAMAFAM proud to be the first companies worldwide to have certification Cosentino Group for the transformation and marketing of Dekton.

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